A Boy Named Sue – Victoria

Working all day digging ditches works up an appetite.



Not that I have ever dug a ditch in my life. However, J recently spent the day on our friends’ property at Panton Hill helping to install a sprinkler system in their garden, and he and D had worked hard all day so were more than ready for some sustenance.


Our destination was A Boy named Sue in St Andrews, a small hamlet just past the slightly bigger Panton Hill village.


It was a beautiful warm night so, when given the choice, we opted for an outdoor table. The place was busy with both eat-in and take-away guests, and if you are into Masterchef contestant spotting, Dani Venn was at another table with a group of friends.

If you don’t like pizza, then A Boy name Sue is not for you. Apart from olives and cheese to start, one salad and two desserts, the rest of the menu is pizza.


If you do like pizza, you will probably like this place, as the pizzas are very good. D says they are the best pizzas he has had.


We kicked off with a bowl of warm olives.

And then shared four pizzas between four people.


We had the It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Zucchini (bianco base with roasted zucchini, caramelised onion, goats cheese, olives, thyme and hazelnut pesto).

There was an Aussie Mate (tomato base, house made sausage, pork belly, caramelised onion and free range egg).

My favourite of the night was the El Capitan (tomato base, chorizo, roast pumpkin, olives, rosemary and lemon).

The last, but definitely not least, was the Spears of Joy (bianco base, asparagus, taleggio cheese, topped with jamon).

We also ordered that evening’s salad which had quinoa and some healthy green stuff in it. I think J was the only one who was good and actually ate some.

The pizzas were excellent, with thin crispy bases, interesting and well thought out combination of toppings, which were not overloaded but not stingy either.


Sitting outside on a warm night with good friends, good food and a couple of beverages was extremely pleasant.


I will say that the service was lacking. I said to J on the drive home that it was relaxed. He said that is the polite way of putting it. The staff were all super friendly and lovely when we got their attention, but this took some doing and we had to ask about cutlery, serviettes and follow up on one of our drinks.
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  1. Definitely pizza cures everthing! Pity about the service though

  2. The best pizza ever is high praise indeed! The toppings sound interesting although it is nice when service is done well, even if it is at a casual place :)

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