The Gasometer Hotel and N2 Extreme Gelato – Melbourne

When looking for a venue for our regular catch up I suggested Gasometer to KB1 and KB2.


This pub is close to KB2’s place of employment, is within everyone’s budget, and caters for all our dietary requirements.


It also gets good reviews from Cindy and Michael on their blog, Where’s the Beef?.¬† These guys are a great resource for vegetarian and vegan eats, as well as recipes if you need some inspiration.


KB2 and I arrived first, walking into the almost empty bar area.


We greeted the bartender and the conversation went like this:


KB2: Can we have a look at your wine list please?

Bartender: We don’t have a wine list, we only have one red and one white.

Me: That’s fine, what are they?

Bartender turns around to get the wine off the shelf behind him.

Bartender: Oh, actually we have two reds tonight, a pinot noir and a shiraz.

Bartender puts three bottles of wine on the bar. We have a look at what is available and get a glass of Woodend Pinot grigio each.


Now, when the bartender said he only had one bottle of red and white, he really did literally mean there was only one bottle of each! There was already some out of the white and by the time KB1 arrived and ordered a glass, there wasn’t much left. The bartender said his boss had gone out to buy more, and we said maybe he should ring him and tell him to hurry up as he had thirsty patrons waiting!


There was also no tap beer, only three available by the bottle, one cider and probably around eight bottles of spirits. It seemed very very odd. I did question how they were going to host the advertised Halloween party the following night with no alcohol!

The kitchen opened at 6pm so we had a short wait before we could order.


We took a table in the space behind the bar, which was a bit dark, and the room next door would have been a better option.

But I liked the wood and stained glass windows, and it felt like a traditional pub.

We decided to share an entree of nachos (served with corn chips, rice and a vegetable chili, lots of cheese, sour cream, guacamole and salsa). These are gluten free and there is an option to make them vegan as well.

We all had mixed thoughts on the nachos, I thought they could have been hotter (temperature) and the girls didn’t think the rice was necessary, while I didn’t even notice it. Overall we liked the gooey, soggy mess that this dish was, and that is exactly how nachos should be!


When we ordered our food, we asked for more wine, but there was less than a glass left in the white, so KB1 got that for nothing, KB2 went with a red and I had a cider.

I haven’t had cider in years, but I quite liked this one, and the name made me smile.


We all chose burgers for the main event.


KB1 had the vegan southern fried chicken burger (house made vegan chicken fillet with lettuce, tomato, onions topped with our ranch dressing, served with shoestring fries).

While KB2 had the chicken caesar burger (marinated chicken breast with cos lettuce, bacon, boiled egg, parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing, served with shoestring fries).

And I had the cheese and bacon burger with gluten free bread (wagyu beef patty with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and crispy bacon, served with shoestring fries).

I admit to having bun envy looking at the other burgers but the GF bread was better than expected though it made it harder to pick the whole thing up with my hands, I had to use a knife and fork for the last half.


But the burger itself was excellent, absolutely spot on with the flavours and definitely reminded me of burgers I have enjoyed in America.


There were no complaints from the others, they both loved their burgers as well. KB2 even said she doesn’t normally like bacon but liked it on her burger (how am I friends with someone who doesn’t like bacon????).


I know Cindy and Michael have enjoyed desserts at Gasometer in the past but none were on offer this particular evening (gone the same way as the booze maybe).


But never fear, KB1 is a wise woman and suggested we walk around to N2 Extreme Gelato on Brunswick street.


If you haven’t heard of N2 before, to put it simply, they make your gelato for you on the spot using liquid nitrogen. You can read more on their website.


I have read about long queues and wait times but we timed it right and there were only four people in front of us and I think we only waited 10 minutes after ordering to receive our desserts.


You can watch the staff go about their business behind the counter.

There is an every changing menu (daily I believe) with the options written up on the blackboard to the right of the entrance. Most flavours are $6, with some being $8. You are only allowed one scoop, and when they say you don’t need a second scoop, they mean it.

KB2 opted out but KB1 and I both had the deconstructed chocolate lava. Not the most adventurous flavour but my goodness it was amazing.

If you get a flavour with a syringe, I advise you squeeze its contents out as soon as possible. We both ate some of the gelato around the syringe first and found that the liquid inside had solidified. We eventually got it out and added more chocolaty goodness to our cup. It was a bit like ice magic, hardening up like that childhood treat used to do.


I thought the gelato was excellent, with rich chocolate flavours and a smooth texture. It might be gimmicky and on the more expensive side, but for a once-in-a-while-splurge, it was well worth it.


It was fun night out with the girls. The alcohol situation at the Gasometer was strange but we all enjoyed the food, and really you can’t go wrong with chocolate gelato for dessert.


I did find out the following day that the Gasometer was for sale, so that might have explained the lack of alcohol (running the stock low and not wanting to spend money on replenishing). And on 8 November I found out it had closed down.
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3 Responses to “The Gasometer Hotel and N2 Extreme Gelato – Melbourne”

  1. Love a good girls’ night out! That plate of nachos looked monstrous!! I love the adventurous flavours they have at N2! I think Melbourne is going to get into the gelato trend this summer with all the new gelato places opening!

  2. Libby says:

    A hotel with no alcohol? That’s hilarious!

  3. Cindy says:

    Your strange experience at Gasometer makes so much more sense after their subsequent closure! Interesting to know that their food didn’t suffer too much. I’ll miss this pub a lot.

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