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‘I could eat everything on this menu’


No, my friend T wasn’t that hungry, she was making comment on how amazing everything on Lil Boy Blue’s menu sounded. And apart from the seafood options, I agreed with her, it was extremely difficult to make a decision from the list of nibbles, lil plates and big plates.


I had never heard if Lil Boy Blue in Kew until my friend RD started posting pics on Facebook of the desserts (we will get to those later). A pre-Christmas catch up saw RD, BD, D, T, J and myself seated at a long table in the middle of the front room. The space is small but there are more tables down the back and also upstairs.

After lots of umming and aahhing, and talk of who was sharing which dish with who, orders were placed.


To kick things off there were chickpea battered eggplant chips with sumac and balsamic reduction.

Also from the nibbles section there was a crispy soft shell crab slider with pickled carrot, coriander and wasabi mayo…

…and not pictured, the other end of the table had chili prawn soft tacos with coleslaw, avocado lime salsa and smoked paprika. BD had the seared scallops with smoked bacon and pea smash, blood orange compote, sugar snap and snow pea tendril salad and sumac potato crisps (lil plates). No picture of this dish but I think it has 5-6 scallops on it, making it amazing value for money.


I had the braised beef cheek soft tacos with pickled onions, goats’ feta, salsa verde and slaw.

Tasty, but not amazing. As with all of the dishes, these were generous in size, and I have to admit that I was expecting something a lot smaller and more bite size.


Excuse the grotty plate, but J and I also shared the curried duck pasties with mango chutney.

These were an absolute winner. If I get to Lil Boy Blue again (and as J has been talking about going back pretty much since we walked out the door, I suspect another visit will happen sooner rather than later) I will be ordering these over the tacos.


For the next round RD had the rare seared yellow fin tuna rolled in herbs and pepperberries, fried zucchini flowers filled with pumpkin and goats curd, trail mix and tin tuna aioli (lil plates).

T had the hand-cut saffron pasta with prawn bisque, prawns, calamari, herb sauce and manchego (big plates).

I might not eat seafood but this dish smelt so good!


I had the quail parmy deboned and crumbed with tomato and eggplant relish, jamon, buffalo mozzarella, heirloom tomato salad (lil plates).

Nice to have something different from a chicken parmy, but a little bit too much cheese for my liking.


BD had the roast beef fillet with a quick sauté of heirloom tomatoes, spinach and lemon, jumbo cous cous, light jus and herb puree (big plates)

J had the pork schnitty crumbed in brioche, lemon and herbs with gnocchi sautéed with butter and sage, caramel apple puree, coleslaw and candied walnuts (big plates).

He liked it, but found gnocchi to be an odd accompaniment.


D had the roast organic chook breast with polenta discs, capsicum and almond puree, fresh figs and preserved lemon and caper dressing (big plates).

I have included the section of the menu these dishes came from so you can see the serving size. Lil Boy Blue is almost too generous with their serving sizes, especially those dishes that come under the nibbles heading. If you don’t have a huge appetite I would suggest one nibble and one small plate, or just go with one big plate.


You have to leave room for dessert too! 😉


Despite being pretty damn full, it had to be done, with T opting for the steamed banana and chia seed pudding with banana ice cream, banana bread crumble, honeycomb and passionfruit and agave custard.

And I convinced D to share the chocolate taste board (a selection of different forms and textures of chocolate). This is the dish I had seen on Facebook and I had to try it.

All manner of different textures and flavours of chocolate, including a milkshake! I can’t remember what they all were but the ice cream with floss, and the warm pudding were my favourites.


I was happy to stagger out the door full, and most likely on a sugar high.


Good food executed well and good value for money, I can’t ask for more than that!
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  1. Keren says:

    Oh wow, that pudding looks fantastic! Sounds like a good place for a group with all that variety.

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