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So readers, can you tell me the last time you dined at Blue Train in Southbank?


It had probably been around ten years for me, and possibly longer for KB1 and KB2. And it seems everyone else I have spoken to says between 5-10 years.


We chose Blue Train as our dinner location due to convenience of getting there, extensive menu and price point. It has something for everyone!


All three of us stumbled onto the restaurant’s new location by accident, but were soon seated at a table on the small outside area overlooking the river. This area is much smaller than the previous long balcony and I was happy we managed scored a table in the fresh air.

As you can see from the below photo, the area is semi-enclosed.

We didn’t spend much time inside but the fit out looked bright and funky.

I started the evening off with a margarita, which was a little on the weak side.

Our waitress throughout the evening was fabulous. When KB1 couldn’t decide between the two chardonnays, the waitress bought out a sample of both for KB1 to try. There was enough in each glass for KB2 and myself to have a swig as well! We had already told KB1 which one she would prefer and after being proven right and deciding we all wanted a glass, we ordered a bottle of the Chairman of the Board chardonnay from South Australia.

And no, we are not alcoholics, there was food being consumed as well.


We shared a pizza bread with olive tapenade and fresh thyme.

Unbelievably good bread, and the tapenade was fantastic. I would have been happy just to have this and nothing else!
We had to have chips, and Blue Train does rustic cut chunky fries tossed in fresh garlic, parsley and parmesan with aioli.

You can see how crispy they are right? I did think they were a tad dry, then realised there was aioli on the other side of the bowl!
KB1 then moved onto a pizza topped with sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, goat’s cheese and spinach.

KB2 had had a bit of a discussion about the salad options with our waitress and decided on the pumpkin salad with sunflower seeds, marinated feta, zucchini ribbons, walnuts, olive oil and sumac dressing. There is an option to add chicken or lamb for an extra $5. KB2 chose lamb.


Unfortunately when it came out, the lamb was very fatty and looked very unappetising. The waitress who brought it didn’t know what to do when KB2 complained, but our girl overheard and was straight onto it, offering KB2 another dish. KB2 isn’t fussy and has never sent anything back before but she couldn’t stomach this lamb. She said she didn’t want another dish, nor did she want the chef to make a new salad, just remove the lamb and replace with chicken.


The second version looked much better.

I didn’t want anything too huge after bread and chips (carb loading anyone?) so went with B.T. Porky B’s steamed buns filled with braised pork belly, kimchi, coriander and sticky sweet soy sauce.

I did wonder if ordering such an Asian speciality was a good idea or not, but they were pretty tasty.


Blue Train is not fine dining but it is a good option for a casual meal, in a good location and there should be something on the menu to suit everyone’s budgets and tastes.


I had been thinking checking out the dessert menu at Blue Train, but KB1 had another idea, she had spotted a Trampoline downstairs!


I always love looking at the bright displays of creamy goodness and spend way too much deciding on which flavours I should choose. I don’t know why I take so long, I usually go with the same, or very similar, flavours every time.

On this particular evening I chose Pokey Pokey (butterscotch and honeycomb), mint (which is white, not green) and one of the chocolates (which is underneath the other two and can’t be seen in the below pic).

We then stood and admired the city for a bit before heading our separate ways.

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