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Taxi Dining room, sandwiched between the Transport Public Bar and the Transit Cocktail Lounge, has relaunched as Taxi Kitchen, a more casual eatery.


J and I dined at Taxi Dining twice before the change, and while I liked it, I didn’t love it. Though, I do admit that this might be because I chose the wrong dishes.


Anyway, walking into the new Taxi Kitchen, it didn’t look like much has changed decor wise (but it has been a while since our last visit). And what definitely hasn’t changed, is the great views of Federation Square, the Yarra River, Flinders’ Street Station and surrounds.

We were dining before a Comedy Festival show, and had plenty of time (over two hours), or so we thought. We ended up being quite rushed at the end, due to slow service.


We opted to forego the Chef’s tasting menu and order our own selection of dishes.


Bread was included…

J started with two scorched oysters, salt and vinegar pork crackle.

(I was confused when this dish came out, I had no idea what it was until I realised the oysters had been removed from their shells!)


J also had two seared scallops with red radish, smoked chilli mayo and kataifi.

We then joined forces and had the following:


Beef croquettes with shallots and hot mustard dressing.

Poached veal, cornichon and miso mayo

Spicy salt and pepper quail with apple soy dipping sauce

Pan-fried gnocchi, lamb, peas mint and Persian feta

(pretty sure I accidently ate a pea – the horror!)


There was also an un-photographed garden salad with honey mustard dressing.


And for dessert we shared the mini doughnuts with caramelised milk jam.

We couldn’t fault the food, it was all¬†extremely good. The doughnuts weren’t really to my taste, but they were right up J’s alley.


What we could fault was the service. The wait staff were slow to hand out menus, take orders, bring drinks and seemed pretty disinterested. The kitchen also seemed slow, there weren’t many¬†occupied tables (less than 10) but all the food took a long time to come out.


As I said earlier, we thought we had more than enough time, but it was getting towards show time and we actually ordered the doughnuts when the gnocchi arrived as we couldn’t rely on speedy service from anyone to make sure we got a sweet hit before leaving.


The one exception to the disinterested service was the woman who delivered the doughnuts, this was the first time we had seen her and she was genuinely friendly, and gave us the spiel on each component, which we didn’t get from anybody else.


So while I would go back for the excellent food, I am a bit hesitant to do so considering the service.
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  1. Keren says:

    Ooooh, two drool worthy posts on Taxi Kitchen in one week … I feel like the internet is telling me something :)

    It’s a pity about the service though, always takes the mood down a bit, especially when you have somewhere else to be.

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