Lu Yang Dumpling House – Melbourne

It is no secret that J and I are both rather fond of a good dumpling.


We head into the city to hit up HuTong and also have our favourite place in Box Hill (not that we have tried all that many of the numerous options in Station street and surrounds). In the interest of trying something new, I suggested we have lunch at Lu Yang Dumpling House on Station street, on the recommendation of a colleague.


I actually had no idea what it was called, I had just been told the white building on the city side just up from Whitehorse road!


No matter, we easily found it and were soon seated. It took a while to order as the young girl on the front desk was more interested in flat packing boxes than looking after customers and we very nearly walked out.


Eventually we got her attention and were soon tucking into the following:


Noodles with minced pork

Spring onion pancakes

Chicken dumplings

Dumplings in some kind of soup (can’t remember)

I have an obsession with noodles and loved these ones, and I also liked the spring onion pancake, but J was put off by how greasy it was. The dumpling skins were too thick for both of us, but I think J enjoyed the soupy dish.


So it was a bit hit and miss, and I presume, like a lot of similar eateries in the area, you need to know what is good and what isn’t so good.


Our favourite for the dishes we like, and for consistency in both service and food is still DC Dumpling. In fact, when I came back sick with bronchitis from our latest US trip, all I wanted for lunch was xiao long bao and spring onion pancake from DC! And J happily drove me there and back, and I swear those soupy dumplings helped cure me! 😉
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