Christmas in July

Different explanations exist as to why people celebrate Christmas in July. Some say it is to have the traditional Christmas feast of a roast and all the accompaniments in more appropriate weather (as opposed to a hot Aussie summer) and others think it is all a marketing campaign for the retail industry that can suffer from slow sales at this time of year.
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What I ate when J was away – Week 1

J has been travelling a lot in the last year for work, and that leaves me catering for one. Which means I get lazy, I can’t be bothered coming home from work and cooking anything too exciting if it is only going to be me to appreciate it.


As there won’t be any interesting cooking to blog about in the next few weeks I thought I would document what I eat for dinner when J is away.
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Nothing Beats Mum’s Roast

J and recently had a weekend in Tassie. We try and do this regularly so as to catch up with my parents. Qantas had a sale on, which is always a good excuse to go, and we picked the weekend that coincided with my Dad’s birthday. Flying to Tassie from Melbourne is easy, the car trip from home to the airport can take longer than the flight time. We take-off, get to the required cruising altitude and level out for 10 minutes, before starting the descent into Launceston airport, all of which take 45-60 minutes.
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