About me

Hi, my name is Em, welcome to my blog, Hold The Peas.


Hold the Peas was created for me as a birthday present from my husband J, to blog about food, wine and travel. And I will definitely blog about those things, but don’t be surprised if other topics creep in now and then. :-)


I plan to document our travels, and the food and wine we eat along the way, as well as food we eat in our home town of Melbourne and the dishes we cook ourselves.


A little bit about me…


I was born and bred in Tassie, but have called Melbourne home since 1999. I live in the Eastern suburbs and work as a technical writer in a software company.


I share my home with husband, J, and our spoiled cat, B. B is also a foodie.


The name of my blog, Hold the Peas, comes from an intense dislike for the little round green vegetable. I just don’t like them. J loves them and will cook up frozen ones to have with dinner on occasion, normally when he is having a piece of fish for dinner (something else I am not overly fond of). They can be hard to avoid when eating out and I do find myself consuming a pea amuse bouche or a pea salad, as can be seen in my Singapore post.




The serious stuff

Disclaimer and copyright:


All reviews are my own opinion (unless stated otherwise) and based on the experience at the time.


All restaurant reviews are self-funded unless otherwise stated.

All writing and photography is copyrighted unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.


10 Responses to “About me”

  1. Nik says:

    Hey Em – Nik from MWC here. Great blog! Keep the reviews coming!

  2. That’s a very innovative present Em :) thanks for your email – I looking forward to reading your reviews. Wondering if mine should be beans sprouts related :)

  3. Lucky says:

    Hey Em,
    Go and check out a new restaurant in Richmond, Meat Mother, on Swan Street. Went to the opening and enjoyed it. Would be interested in your opinion!

  4. Nicole says:

    Do you work in hospitality Em?

  5. Andrew says:

    Hi there, I stumbled across your blog through Urbanspoon. I’ll be following your travels (and meals) with interest!


    • Em says:

      Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment Andrew. I am in Hobart in a few weeks time so will be checking out your blog for some food ideas!

      • Andrew says:

        Just got back from overseas and noticed that while away you dropped by my neck of the woods (Richmond!). You definitely crammed in some of the best gastronomical experiences in the region! I still haven’t tried Taco Taco though…hopefully later his week.


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