Drop the Peas

Hello my dear readers,
Sadly, the purpose of this post is to announce I am hanging up my blogging boots.
There are many factors for this, one being time (the lack thereof), and another being that even getting one post up a month seems more like a chore, instead of something I want to do, and enjoy doing.
The site will remain active until the domain name expires and I will always being contactable on holdthepeas@gmail.com
I still love food, wine and travel (nothing has changed there) and will still be active on social media (with an icon and colour refresh coming soon), so like the page on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter for ongoing photos, thoughts etc.
I have enjoyed owning this little part of the interwebs and it has bought me a lot of great experiences and opportunities, and I wish to thank everyone who has ever read even one post. And most of all I want to thank J(osh) for giving me this amazing present so many years ago, I love you!
Over and out